Decomesh Corporation's 30,000 square foot manufacturing plant and offices are located in Interlaken Commerce Centre in Largo, Fla.

The Corporation name "Decomesh" was coined from the words "Decorative Mesh." This was a trademark phrase from the parent company, General Hardware Products Incorporated.

In 1957, General Hardware Products Inc. was conceived and founded by Alexander Ligas. Ligas owned and operated General Hardware Products Inc, in the Philippines.

Ligas received his honorable discharge from the united States Army, while serving with the army in he Philippines. After his service Ligas decided to put his machining and tooling talents to work, to help the destitute manufacturing industry.

Ligas's idea was to help the shoemaking industry, by designing and building machinery, for the shoe manufacturing industry. But, there was an even more basic need for lumber to build and rebuild the devastated homes of the shoemakers. Ligas designed, built and operated a sawmill. The sawmill remained successful until competition from larger commercial sawmills made it unprofitable.

Ligas set his original plan of designing and building machines for the shoe industry, in motion. Some of the machines built by Ligas are still in use today. During his time of manufacturing machines, Ligas set up a successful machine shop and started an apprentice training program. Over one thousand young Filipino's were successfully trained in the art of tool, die making, machining, and tool and machine design, General Hardware Products Inc. remained a successful company developing and manufacturing all kinds of machines for the Philippine industry.

In 1957, Ligas started another line of manufacturing, by taking on the expanded metal sheet business. The machines that produced the expanded metal were designed and built by Ligas and Ids top machinists.

In 1970, Ligas saw the need to relocate due to the growing instability of the Philippine government, Ligas sold General Hardware Products Inc. and moved the expanded metal part of his former company to Interlaken Commerce Centre, Located in Largo, Fla. In. 1971, the Decomesh Corporation was founded by Alexander Ligas.

In 1973, Decomesh started the production of aluminum undereave vent. The aluminum undereave vent product line was designed by Ligas at the request of local building contractors to make soffit venting more durable than the plastic or fiberglass screening materials more commonly used. Aluminum undereave vent was a success with contractors.

In 1993, Ligas sold Decomesh Corporation to his two sons, Daniel and Lawrence. Ligas stayed on as a consultant until his death in 1995. Both Danny and Larry have worked along side their father for over 15 years, taking in his knowledge, experience and integrity. Due to the untimely death of Danny in 1997, Larry has assumed sole responsibility of President and CEO of Decomesh Corporation. Larry now designs and manufactures all of Decomesh's machines, carrying on the family tradition.

Production equipment is constantly maintained to keep quality at its peak for all Decomesh products.

Presently, three new perforating machines to produce undereave vent are being completed to increase quality and production. Different designs of undereave vent have appeared on the market, but none to match the quality, consistency and ease of installment of Decomesh brand.

By expanding production and distribution of Decomesh undereave vent, Decomesh hopes to make it a product available nationally. Decomesh Corporation will continue to manufacture expanded metals and products for the building industry, and as a progressive company, is always on the lookout for new product lines.

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