Aluminum Vs. Vinyl

Decomesh Undereave vent is the best replacement system for soffit ventilation on the market. The aluminum strips with baked enamel coating on both sides resists the weather and elements. It will not allow rodents, bats, possums, etc, to gain access to the attic. Whereas a vinyl product will be chewed and torn to pieces. The aluminum vent strip is stronger, and more rigid than vinyl. Decomesh's vent products can be painted whereas vinyl will not allow paint to adhere.

Decomesh's product has been used by wildlife rescue in the Florida area as a foolproof way to keep animals out of attics after they have removed the animal.

Aluminum products as a whole in the building industry enjoys a well deserved reputation of being long lasting, top quality, and the most for your dollar in the long term.

Decomesh vent strips have round perforated holes, which allow air to circulate easily. Bugs and insects can't gain access to your home via the attic unlike lanced or louvered products.

Decomesh vent products meets all building codes in all 50 States, the amount of free air space per foot is well above the industry standards.

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